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Truth about long term high dose Suboxone Withdrawal

Its true, an amazing drug, it saves lives. The problem, theres an evil nobody tells you about.
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The first chapter and the start of my journey

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27 Responses to Truth about long term high dose Suboxone Withdrawal

  1. Torndooooo

    The thing is, is that in some cases of Suboxone w/d some people are permanently altered and will have hallucinations and other physcotic behavior for the rest of there life unless they continue the drug. I have to go through this too and it is awful. Thank you Suboxone, for ruining my life even further. I thought my soul was raped by heroin and oxy but this is much worse

  2. Torndooooo

    You are not crazy. I went through the same thing as you. I was throwing up for a week straight until I gave up and went back on it. The thing is that this drug will give you w/d for months and months. You are right about it doesnt matter how much you will take you will still feel w/d. Many people around the world are feeling this symptoms of hallucinations, paranoia, sweating puking and more from this drug.

  3. avedic

    when i was being searched i nearly lost my mind. if they found the sub i’d be in jail much longer than 15 days. 2 days later i finally “retrieved” my contraband and worked out a schedule. every 3 days i would snort 1/5th of this half pill. not much you’d think…but it was enough to stave off withdrawal. any amount helped. and because my tolerance got real low in there, the times i did use it made the jailtime almost fun…in an opiate-high sort of way that is.
    yeah, withdrawing is not fun :(

  4. avedic

    withdrawal is terrible. a few months ago i was arrested(in my own home no less) for possessing an 8th of marijuana. i also had been taking suboxone for the past 2 years. well, i was sentenced to 15 days in jail(this is tennessee, where pot is apparently a bigger scourge than jack daniels). Well, knowing i was going to withdraw in jail scared me shitless, so i wrapped half an 8mg pill in saran wrap, burned the edge to seal it, and put it the one place i knew they *probably* wouldn’t search. :/

  5. TheMango817

    I have been on suboxone for 4 years at a 120 millis a day. Im fucked!!!!, anyone thinking about takin them wing off what you are on and you will be better off,Iquit takin suboxone for 4 days and started convulsions and lost my job !!!!!! sux it up and get off what your on!

  6. beautifuldisasternee

    you people are fucking nuts saying to get on methadone to come off subs, i withdrew from 150 ml methadone cold turkey TWICE and it is the worst longest withdraw on earth

  7. bbutters2

    How many pills of it were you on a day? I am on it know and it honestly only gives me the sweats and a mild anxiety for my withdrawal, but Im only on 1 8 mil. pill a day. its still not that great though, I feel for ya.

  8. Georgie2500

    Hi all, I too am an opiate addict. I was using IV heroin everyday for over 4 years. I got on suboxone at first without insurance and had to pay $7 per pill for 90 pills per month plus Dr. fees, which was more than $600 a month just to stay clean. I’ve since gotten great insurance which allows me to get all my suboxone for free and I have a lot of extra suboxone scripts left over. I am willing to help anybody out who wants to get clean but doesn’t have the funds to do it. Msg me…

  9. markmcali

    I am third day into methadone withdrawal after 2 years of taking it. I am feeling better now. My brain is repairing itself it feels.I have goose bumps.I used 8 15mg Oxys during first 24 hours of withdrawal. I had to go through 48 hours of hell pacing like a lab rat!I just got some motrim.My suboxone appointment is tommorow but I dont think I will need it now!!!AWESOME!

  10. mattnopud

    No meds to detox because the detox procedure is done under anesthesia in 45 minutes. You feel terrible after but you have no withdrawal, just fatigue. There is obviously no way to do this procedure at home. Their website is Good luck.

  11. easynowww

    @mattnopud Did they give u any meds at that detox? if so which ones? how exactly did they get u off subs? if they give u certain meds then cant one do that at home?


  12. mattnopud

    I tried to kick suboxone after a year of use and would get down to 1-2 mgs and try to jump off and would only last 8 days and then go back. I did the rapid detox in long beach and it got me off of them, but it’s expensive as hell @ $20,800. It’s the only thing that worked for me and I tried it all. Good luck if you are trying to kick.

  13. ods1ODS

    im really hoping my taper off sub is smooth as possible. since i have gotten on subs 6 months ago i have completely changed my life. lost 25 lbs gained muscle, on top of my diet, and exercising 4 times a week. now im on 6mg a day and am gonna try going down 1 or 2 mgs a month. im thinkinin if i do that and it is still horrible than the shit is just a fucking horrible drug. but i have a feeling itl be ok.

  14. cainmarko84

    @xsal91 Bull shit ! I think you all are in-denial or working for them docs . Look suboxone withdrawl it is a class 3 opiate narcotic …I worked in pharmacy’s … Suboxone withdrawal ….Is worse then heroin with drawl …The subutex does nothing do not even bother with it ….

  15. cainmarko84

    Hey . Listen bud I know your pain . When you take suboxone . I was on it since 2006 . They told us all , That it is not addictive ! We had to spend 300 bucks just for the first vista ! And 100 every 3 weeks to a month . Dude to get off of it …Use methadone in a clinic for 7 days ! It will get you off & no withdrawal…Everybody that is on suboxone takes xanax benzos because suboxone makes people mean and irritable anxiety attacks …its a m k ultra propaganda drug i will make a video

  16. xsal91

    boxy will not make you withdrawl UNLESS you boot it. i know from experience because i am addicted to it just like i wa heroin. so everyone do not inject it just put it under your tounge just like you should cause im on the same boat as this guy. and you probably didnt get as high off from doing opiates after doing boxy because it is an opiod blocker. it is meant to make you sick if you do any type of opiate after doing boxy. so dont do it thats why you withdrawl so bad.

  17. easynowww

    @DIGITALBEATZ808 I didnt feel shit when i came off Subutex. I was on it for 5 years.. Am from the UK and we have 0.4mg and 0.2mg here, so makes it easier tapering..I didnt suffer much. Because i tapered slowly and to the lowest dose i.e 0.2mg and skipped days..I didnt take any other opiates to help, that sets u back if u do..U just have to taper properly, be postive, change the thinking u had when u choose to pick up a drug/opiate & excercise. Dont be wuss, be a MAN! P.S am a girl.

  18. austin881000

    speak up please

  19. pursuinginsanity

    This is exactly why 1-4 mgs a day is plenty for anyone. If that dose won’t ‘hold’ you, it’s best to move on to methadone. 2-4mgs is a ceiling dose for most people as is. Doctors way overprescribe bupe, and charge far too much in the process. If it weren’t so costly staying on it for a lifetime at low doses would be a wonderful opiate addiction treatment.

    Wish you well, casper. Hope you’re doing ok. Make sure to stay well-hydrated.

  20. mlc2005

    Hey man… thanks for the vid! How are you doing? I’ll look at your other vids. I just stopped about 3-4 mgs a day of sub, (after 2 years), stopped 6 weeks ago, and it was def. bad, but it does get better. You really stopped a huge dosage cold turkey, and I commend you for your strength. Damn!!! That was not fun. Really curious to know what’s up now.


    You’re right, it doesn’t make a difference what you come off of although coming off 32 mgs is alot. Either way you’re still gonna feel like shit. But i gotta give it to you, getting as far as you have is pretty freakin good. I could never get past day 3 without either blowing down an 80 or getting back on the subs. So hang in there, at least youre sleeping a lil bit, i couldnt sleep at all. Let me know how youre doing. Where do you live anyway??

  22. LAWLESSTHA5150

    get to the point

  23. henrys354

    Casper, we’ve talked on the forum… Im still right behind u on day 6 since last sub dose. We can get through this shit. My wd’s arent as bad as your, but I only jumped off at 3mgs. Keep on posting and come on back to the other forum and let us know u are ok. A lot of people are worried about you.

  24. mobiusstrip01

    sorry, that saying (above) is just 12stepperspeak, IMHO. for one, it takes a very catholic approach, alleviates a good deal of pers. responsibility, w/’just a bump in the road’ attitude towards EITHER a 1-time slip-up OR a 6 month jaunt, & we just have 2 admit we have 0 power over our addiction (CONFESS, in the catholic model) & we’re back on track. also…i believe we have the power to BEAT it, & TRULY want to/be willing to pay the price, but we can. sorry, if i’m not addicted, not an ‘addict.’

  25. mobiusstrip01

    blv–i agree/ a lot of what u say, BUT–SOME ppl can do the subox short term then get off (i did…but then again, i relapsed) while others flat out canNOT kick everything. some just need to be able to use subox long term. the good thing about it is that it’s not like methadone–we don’t build tolerance to it the same way we do methadone and other opiates. we get the same effect (w/no high, most of us) indefinitely.

    also…’once an addict always…’ i disagree STRONGLY. (cont. next post)

  26. lockdog1990

    I am struggling with this my self I can’t find a way out I depend on opiates to help with my back pain but its slowly ruining my life I’m having relationship problems and I’m ruining my relationship. I can’t find a way out

  27. cobb864

    Yo man.

    We’ve both got very similar stories. I just got onto Suboxone myself… on January 22, 2010. I know how terrible this opiate shit can be man. It’s terrible but it’s good that we’ve came to terms with this and are trying to beat it.