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Stopping Suboxone the Right Way

SuboxDoc asked:

‘I can’t stop Suboxone‘ is a common complaint; this video promos my new recordings available at, designed to help a person stop Suboxone with minimal withdrawal, and with the best chance to avoid relapse.

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12 Responses to Stopping Suboxone the Right Way

  1. habs66666

    Thank you very much. I will go ahead with your CD (you say “tapes”(?)). Like you say 40$ is nothing compared to what I spent. One comment. I think the period on Suboxone should be used by the addict to sabotage their legal or illegal connection to get the pills. I did it with my doctors (2). I said I have a problem and the pain is a small problem compared to opiate addiction. Illegal side is a bit complex- tips?. Just my 2 cents.

  2. SuboxDoc

    There is usually withdrawal when stopping it, that starts after about 2-3 days. If you are already beyond that, and your mind is not obsessing over using, then stay off; I generally take people off Suboxone if/when the risk of relapse is very very low.

  3. habs66666

    Hi Doc. I am en engineer travel 90% of the time. Addicted to pain pills after ice hockey neck injury. After 2 years of abuse, I went to a doc in Miami Beach to help. I am on 8 Mg suboxone a day, but I dont feel I need to take it (especially when I am in Middle East where there is no drugs :)). Should I still take it? I am also addicted to cocaine (but not doing this now for a month). I am also opiates free for about 30 days. Please let me know.

  4. treatmint

    i am currently on1mg/day and my doctor and i are trying to work on a tapering schedule. he wants me to try and not dose at least one day a week now. i tried the other day and started feeling very drug sick within a couple of hours of being awake. what drugs should i talk to him about prescribing in order to curb some of the withdrawl effects once i get off completely? the fear is what has kept me from getting off. i’ve been on suboxone for about a year and half.

  5. SuboxDoc

    I think tapering is fine, if you can do it. I don’t see any advantage to going cold turkey and getting sick!

  6. SuboxDoc

    I haven’t tried topomax for the withdrawal, so I can’t really say. The adderall will help prevent the fatigue that comes with withdrawal, though.

  7. ods1ODS

    hey doc, just curious how usefull/effective is it to taper off an opiate before stopping? assuming one is disciplined enough to do so?

  8. SuboxDoc

    Clonidine is helpful for withdrawal, but not so much for seizures, which aren’t generally a problem with opiate dependence. I like using clonidine for withdrawal– it does reduce the discomfort by about 50%. But it is very sedating as well.

  9. rac189

    I’m a soldier who returned from Iraq after 15 months (opiod-free) but then almost immediately started taking at least 80mg of Oxycontin to “self-medicate” some of the physical and mental injuries from Iraq. I know myself and what’s about to follow so I got myself into a doctor (well, an ARMY doctor) and he put me on 8mg suboxone with no further instructions. He also gave me Naltrexone and said “when you’re done with the orange ones, take the other ones.” It can’t be that easy. Please help!!

  10. HorstRolande

    I know this a Suboxone Zone; but what do You think about The Therapie with Clonidin (mainly) and control the Convulsion after Opiat Abusus? Perhaps with Phenobarbital or Clonazepam. The Symtome´s after take of such Drug´s (Opiates) are seldom dangerous and always self limiting:-)


  11. SuboxDoc

    No– but let me know if you notice any increase in sweating if you change. I can’t say that the gabapentin effect is for sure; but it seems to have been helpful for a few people.

  12. psychm1579

    Hi Doctor, I am on suboxone 2 mg per day and am currently taking gabapentin as a mood stabilizer, but due to weight gain am considering topamax instead. Do you have an opinion on the use of topamax in this situation? Also, I take adderall xr 20 mg / day for adhd.