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MY Kratom Mix

a nice mixture of kratom leaf

Brief explanation of the rationale for using medication as replacement therapy in recovery from opiate dependence.
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7 Responses to MY Kratom Mix

  1. RES1ST0R

    i like to sit down with a cup of maeng da and a bong and watch

  2. RES1ST0R

    dude can you make another video like this but also include you making the tea, drinking, and a few minutes of talking about the effects (i know you have a few similar but i love your kratom vids)

  3. ironlungdtoker

    @StomperReed all i did was make very very strong tea ( its was ptty much black ) n bolid it down till the water was gone , ur left with an oily type substance that hardens quickly , i ate some last night n some more this morning . works rele well .

  4. StomperReed

    @ironlungdtoker How did you make the resin? I know you can buy it online but its expensive

  5. ironlungdtoker

    @StomperReed o ya , ill b haveing fun for a wile , i made some kratom resin that turnd out ptty good

  6. StomperReed

    lots of kratom! Have a great time

  7. sisterwin2

    What do you think of Ibogaine… will totally take away the need for replacement opiate. What are these folks gonna do when off the sub and cravings come on? They have not learned how to deal with it. WAY to many MD’s keep folks on high doses and for way too long… thus no recovery really happens.