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Ibogaine suboxone addiction treatment

2 year suboxone use and prior heroin use treated using ibogaine for addiction interruption at Awakening in the Dream
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In this video Harold updates his viewers about what has been happening with the young man who was bullied, the SSA, a homeless man who contacted him, the young men who are Heroin Addicts, and The Be Positive Day.
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26 Responses to Ibogaine suboxone addiction treatment

  1. mikeyaaa

    @cprflorida Iboga is legal ( in canada at least)

    you could just extract your own Ibogaine.

  2. karlkarlkarl1234

    2mg of suboxone is an extremely small amount, if anybody out there is reading this and is on that, you don’t need ibogaine, just stop taking your dose. You will have a couple of sleepless nights and then you will be back to normal. That’s the easy part, then you have to stay off it…

    Once upon a time I went cold on 16mg suboxone. Don’t do it. Absolute shittest feeling. Couldn’t have done it without a fan, showers and playing countless hours of Call of Duty to keep my mind off the pain.

  3. cprflorida

    ibogaine is not legal, nor is it the way to go when you have suboxone that is approved by the FDA and DEA for treatment of opiod addicition. No God of Bwitti, you will have to bypass the delusional component of treatement

  4. pigdeatha

    good lookin fella

  5. arundelthomas

    looks like william burroughs

  6. haroldsays

    @765tony Thank you. And congratulations on your 3 years of sobriety. God bless my friend! “Love wins!”

  7. 765tony

    @haroldsays Good channel we need more people like you on the internet,im a recovering alcoholic who just celabrated 3 years of continued sobriety.

  8. Azreal93

    You are the Man!!!Suboxone saved my life as well….God Bless u always….your are a blessing to all that know u!!!!!

  9. helpforaddiction

    To all seeking help with opiates: You need to look into treatment with a drug called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is an addiction interruptor, not a maintenance drug like methadone or suboxone. Ibogaine will stop your withdrawal,elevate your mood, and stop cravings. I have Ibogaine videos faved on my chanel. It is not legal in the U.S., but there are clinics in Mexico. Two I know´╗┐ of are 1. Dream House 2. Villa Serena. Good luck to all!!

  10. h1chlo

    dude i take at least 24mg a day sometimes more i mean i try but i still have dreams think about use it an it kinda makes me higher suppost to stop it the naxolone but i seem higher i want to stop but i feel fucking hopless

  11. thesecondroad

    You make great videos, thanks for all you do!

  12. redelman

    People think bullying is no big deal, but numerous studies show that bullying leads to school violence and suicide. I would link you to the study over it if only youtube allowed me to post hyperlinks.

  13. dmljm

    Hi Harold, Ive been on Suboxone now for 2 Years and ive got my life back !! The medication is very expensive, but i get it FREE from a company that makes it,they send it to my doctor and she gives it to me.If anyone qualifies then there Eligible.Reckitt Benckiser is the name of the company.Thanx harold!
    TCB Danny

  14. caseyjooherown

    well thats for 25 of them
    4 a day and back to see a doct. in a week

  15. caseyjooherown

    It costs $208.00 if you have no coverage or co pay.
    Suboxone is a true life saver if you take it as you should.

  16. caseyjooherown

    Hello harold!
    Good for you Mr.

  17. haroldsays

    Right on! Thank you for your encouragement and I do agree with you. Get help. Get on Suboxone if you can afford it. If not see if there are any local county service providers that will provide you services at no cost because of your income situation. Thanks again for posting your comments to my video. Take care! Harold

  18. kzen505

    Get on suboxone. It will immediately improve your life. I’ve been on it for about six months now, and it’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I’m on 6 mg a day, and don’t even think about using. I don’t even have dreams about the shit anymore. If your strung out, get on it ASAP. That’s no way to live.

  19. haroldsays

    Thanks! Thanks also for the blessing. God and the Universe blesses me every day my friend. I hope the same for you as well. Harold

  20. DoyleRodello

    I stumbled onto your video here and I just want to say that it rally brightened my day to see that you are out here trying to help people. Keep up the fantastic work! God Bless you!

  21. spikestrip08

    whats goin on harold?.. im thinking about gettin onto suboxone now
    , my cravings got bad ive been strung out on all sorts of opiates the past 3 weeks, i havent started using heroin again though. i just got too overwhelmed with life, and the fact that i cant find a good job, so i started sellin oxycontin again and its been downhill since

  22. paintballmoreyo

    no go to .35 at the vid and youll know what im sayin i like the vid

  23. haroldsays

    Thumbs down on this video huh? Sorry. I will have to try better next time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me though.

  24. paintballmoreyo

    yeah thumbs down

  25. haroldsays

    Oh no I am sure not God. I would not want that job. I am just an ordinary guy trying to reach out to people in our world and help them in a positive way. What I long for is a safer, better, and more positive world. Thank you for your comments. As always, much appreciated!

  26. meleborn123

    Are you sure you’re not God?
    Because you are simply an amazing person!!