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Chronic Neck, Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief: Pain Management and Suboxone The remainder of this article is at the link above! The use of Suboxone has transformed pain management and addiction treatment.Neck pain, back pain and sciatica relief is now possible without addictive narcotics! Given the proper management by your medical practitioner, Suboxone may reduce your neck pain, back pain, and sciatica long enough for your exercise program to begin demonstrating results, while at the same time reducing your dependence on narcotics, both physically and psychologically, and restoring control of your life to the one it belongs to you! For the next step on pain relief outside of narcotics and pain management Best wishes for a pain free life! Please, contact me anytime! Professor John PJ Zajaros, Sr., The Bad Back Guy 216-712-6526 866-835-2913 (toll free) Skype johnzajaros1

At Lifelinerehabilitation in Great Neck, NY, (, email, tel. 516 482-4060) a suboxone medication user tells his story: It started with shoulder surgey,and was given vicodin painkiller. Suboxone takes away cravings for opiates and allows normal life to go on. Recently he got married. If he could do it so can you. 516 482-4060.
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25 Responses to Chronic Neck, Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief: Pain Management and Suboxone

  1. JohnZajaros

    You are welcome! It has been a miracle drug for many dealing with chronic pain and addiction. It sounds like you have pulled it all together. Good for you and best of luck to you! It is interesting how some people respond well to it and some don’t. From my experiences dealing with my back pain and talking to others who have deal with chronic pain who have given it a chance, it is super! Again, best of luck to you and thanks for commenting!


  2. lesliegg1961

    John, Thanks for posting this. Ive been on Suboxine for pain relief from Crohns disease and bone pain for about 3 years now. It is wonderful. Unfortunately I had to suffer from active addiction for 20 years from taking other narcotics. I so wish doctors would consider suboxine for Cronic pain before people destoy thier lives. I have never had the feeling that I neeeded or wanted to take more than prescribed. It has really helped me get my life back.

  3. JohnZajaros

    Suboxone is primarily an opiate addiction treatment strategy but it does seem to manage pain in many individuals. Interestingly, much of the pain you are experiencing may be a consequence of the medication. Once clean & then managed on Suboxone you may find your pain is not as severe as once imagined or experienced. Suboxone is a combination of an opiate & Narcan, so you’re not 100% clean but it eliminates the cravings & the urges to abuse, they’re simply gone! Give it a try! Good luck!


  4. cutebabies1

    At this moment I am trying to detox from 25 mg. of methadone. An inpatient detox hospital wants me to come in and they will treat me with Suboxone. I always heard this made people sicker?? I got on Methadone for PAIN. So, Suboxone is really that good for PAIN?? Thank you for any help!!

  5. JohnZajaros

    First, I am not a medical practitioner so I can only tell you what I would do. It sounds like you may be overdoing it. If the x-rays were negative, I would make sure I got involved with a good stretching and physical training program. If you are doing weights and swimming, you may be doing too much all at one time and your body is trying to tell you something. Get another complete medical workup to make sure it isn’t nerve related and then try backing off a bit! Good luck to you!


  6. syrianguy20yrs

    hello my friend. im 22year old male. im veryyyy active. i do weights and swimming at the ymca. i been having upper back pain AND NACK for 1 year. some times when i bend over i feel little pain on my lowerback. when i wake up my muscles feel soo tight and painfull. i cant move my neck both side and i cant look up. i had an xray like 2month ago, negative. what should i do IM GOING CRAZY!! thank u.

  7. 39tommyboy

    what some people dont realize is that some people have a exteme time quiting oxy abuse because they are snorting or hitting the needle. if you quit the needle or snorting or chewing cold turkey with out a replacement for help then thats great. but some people have to use suboxone or methadone for help. and as long as they have quit the abusing then who cares if they take it. its what helped them to quit and thats what matters isnt it?? godbless.

  8. 39tommyboy

    @jacotango that is amazing you was able to quit that high of dosage. even if you wasnt abusing them. thank god youre alive but i believe that methadone is a full antagonist instead of a partial. one. and suboxone is a partial. maybe im wrong so i will check drugs dot com to check again. but its still better than what you was doing. the only thing though is people try to get that high like they are used to getting from oxy and over dose on methadone. sad but true. good luck

  9. redbulljustice99

    now your hooked on suboxion and there harder 2 find and 10 times more xpensive

  10. Georgie2500

    Hi all, I too am an opiate addict. I was using IV heroin everyday for over 4 years. I got on suboxone at first without insurance and had to pay $7 per pill for 90 pills per month plus Dr. fees, which was more than $600 a month just to stay clean. I’ve since gotten great insurance which allows me to get all my suboxone for free and I have a lot of extra suboxone scripts left over. I am willing to help anybody out who wants to get clean but doesn’t have the funds to do it. Msg me……

  11. jacotango

    firts, congrats on your marriage. just a quick question. do you find that suboxone helps with pain as well as stopping opiate cravings? my spine got smashed up in an accident. i was on about 800mg of oxycontin for years. had enough. got detoxed under anasthetic. i’m now maintained on 30mg of methadone a day (allot better than all that oxy) because it has pain killing effects as well as helping with cravings. in other words, it’s a partial agonist/partial antagonist. appreciate any response. ty

  12. plocco

    Suboxone is just another opiate.. your cravings stop because your feeding it. Your only taking the first step to kicking the addiction, you have a long ways to go buddy.

  13. Rico8458

    can i do it in 3 weeks? yeah,

  14. EZgoN2

    Anyone need to get on suboxone I can help them get on free. If there in los angeles area they can start in a few days. Drop me a line or two. ez

  15. tenthousandyearsgoon

    @lamfrocks both arms and legs. MUCO DINERO AMIGO! 2 PILLS FOR 25$ !!!! Bastard pharmaceutical companies are raking it in, it costs the same as a heroin fix.

  16. kruseman44

    Tell me how you feel when you want to come off suboxone? Tell me what your testosterone level is being on Suboxone? Suboxone is good for a 5 day taper. That is what it was supposed to be used for. Now its used for maintenence. These companies are keeping us on drugs.

  17. lamfrocks


  18. motleycrue24

    ya sounds great but it sucks cause some ppl dont have health insurance

  19. mniel8195

    go to narcotics anonymous, you will need a program when you get off that stuf.


    i was on percs and vics, and even morphine, im on suboxone now 8 months, no cravins, im down to 4 mgs in AM,2 mgs in the PM<,,,,,,,,,,go to counseling too, without it youre going to use!! GOOD LUCK

  21. runarmyof1

    word of advise, DO NOT allow yourself to go on higher and higher doses of bupe (subs). It will eventually be just like opiates and stop working. Here’s the secret about bupe, less is more. honostly the less you take, and the longer you go without taking it, the better you will feel. dont belive me?> go 24-36 hours without taking anything, then take half the dose you normally take so if your on 8mg, take 4… if your on 4, take 2. stay on that half dose every other day, then every 3 days-liveable

  22. ods1ODS

    Whats up bro, i guess u from Long island/queens so you know this opiate shit is out of control here, and probably everywhere else. im from suffolk county and its easier for me to count the friends i have that arent on drugs then the ones that are, theres just too many of em. just sayin wutup. i was stubborn and refused to go on subs even after lots of relapses. the vics, percs, oxys, and heroine ruined my life but i said fuck it, went on subs and started NA and things are goin good. gd luck

  23. bipolarjay

    man, I know exactly what your talking about, I have tried to quit several times. The withdrawal was awful. I have an appointment with my Doc this morning – will post a blog on the doc talk and hopeful prescribe for suboxone! Thanks so muchfor your posting!

  24. zbyszek654

    moose, you have to go to a doctor that is allowed to prescribe, but once you do find that doctor your life will immediately change for the better. just listen to what this guy is saying, it will save your life.

  25. Moose1836

    great video….thanks for taking time to post it, going through addiction right now myself about 20 norcos a day and its nice to hear theres help out there, did you have to go to a specialist for the suboxone or any reg doctor?