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Provides discount code for ‘how long are you going to take that stuff’: education for addicts’ loved ones.
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12 Responses to 85% Off Sale for Suboxone recording

  1. Chloey23

    Thanks Doc for sharing everything. I really appreciate it. Suboxone Doctors are really high up there on the hierarchy of people I respect. You’re doing such an awesome thing.. helping people get their lives back.. it’s a huge thing. Addiction can suck in and ruin even the most virtuous, intelligent, or seemingly immune person.. maybe for example a caring, big hearted healthcare worker with a back injury who gets on vicodin. Anyway.. Thanks so much!

  2. SuboxDoc

    Thanks for the comment– I am unfamiliar with research in that area. There ARE connections between stimulants and opiate tolerance and withdrawal; clonidine, for example, is a classic treatment for withdrawal and works by binding to one subtype of receptor that is activated by amphetamines (adderall is amphetamine). I am always skeptical, though, when I hear about instant cures.

  3. spooninspoon

    I’ve been taking and purchasing this drug secretly off the streets for the last 3-4 years because it was the only solution I came across to get away from heroin and opiates of which I was very addicted to AND since then IV’E BEEN CLEAN!…My problem is that I can’t buy suboxen off the streets anymore. I’ve just about lost all of my connections and I know without Suboxen I’m going to be sick(like I have been before). What do you recommend I do???… FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

  4. paullybs

    doc, I know 8 people that couldnt di ti with suboxone aloen and then they too ka 8 mg sub and when 90% desolved then take a 20 mg adderall.. ALL 8 PEOPLE ARE OFF EVERYTHING and I spoke to Dr.s in rehab and they dont understand why it works.. and it works 100% why? its been four years for me and No tolerance.. again, I was pulled into a room by a chief of pyschairtry and his peers in Boston and he told me to tell them about the coctail.. its amazing and he said SAFE too, thoughts?

  5. SuboxDoc

    If you are tolerant to opiates it is not generally a problem, but whenever you combine opiates and benzos you have the potential for overdose from respiratory depression– the two classes of drug multiply the effects of each other. Again, in reasonable doses and if you are used to those meds, there is very little danger.

  6. SuboxDoc

    Thanks, Steve in Pgh!

  7. tussionex4u

    Hello Doc . J.J. I hope all is well with you and yours . I was offline for a while . I am sure the tape is WELL worth 3 USD’s . I hope your message is well heard , Doc J. J. Your are truley a humanitarian . Fair thee well , my friend . Steve in Pgh , Pa . P.S. ( I’m holdin’ my own )

  8. downfan1

    Doc, how come some doctors say you can’t take benzos with suboxone? I know you can I have before and I was fine.

  9. SuboxDoc

    Thanks- although I’m not being humble— I’ve never quite figured out how people get rich from the internet or anything else! If you know of an agent who can take someone with science knowledge and make him into a millionaire, let me know! Someday you’ll have to explain why ‘camps suck’!

  10. CampsSuck

    just listened to it. $3.00 bucks, well worth it.
    you are a humble man, doc!
    if i only knew what would happen, i would have never told anyone at meetings i was on the stuff.
    thanks again.

  11. SuboxDoc

    I’m all right– made this video from home. Sounds like I’m in a basement somewhere…. Thanks for asking though!

  12. mph1985man

    first view, first comment. How have you been doc?