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Drug Rehab Programs For Individuals At Axis Residential Treatment

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With Axis Residential Treatment you will quickly discover that their main goal is to get permanent sobriety with their patients. With our Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehabilitation center we are prepared to offer you compassion and each treatment will be designed to meet each individuals needs. You will be associated with highly qualified medical doctors willing to dedicate their time to assist you to free yourself from any dependence that has been developed finding you a solution that will meet your needs and lifestyle so you can fully recover.

You can find treatment for various alcohol and drug rehabilitation including:

• Prescription Pills

• Opiates

• Cocaine

• Heroin

• Crack

• Crystal meth

• Marijuana

• And much more…

Don’t feel like you can’t be cured because addiction is just a disorder that can be cured with a little assistance and treatment. With a little help from Axis you can find yourself getting treatments that have been tailored towards your individualized addiction allowing you to learn how to control the addiction and live a normal and active life like you did before.

The treatment will first begin with detoxification that will be done is a safe and confidential environment at our Axis center. Then the client will slowly be freed from the use of the additive used by gradually lowering the dosage of drug intake which will lead to stopping drug consumption entirely. For family members wanting to be involved throughout the process they are more than welcome and encouraged to become a part of the process and be with their family member throughout their stay with us.

Various Treatment Options Available for Individualized Care:

• Medical Care – offers extensive examination to develop a recovery schedule. Includes counseling, therapy, medical attention and treatment.

• Extended Care – ability to take part in regular daily routine of work (for clients not requiring detoxification). May take longer to complete entire program, but will gradually allow person to defeat their addiction.

• After Care – assists people who want to prevent relapse of their addiction with assistance from Axis medical doctors.

• Residential Treatment – treatment within a home like environment with assisted care by professional help during the entire stay.

With each individual having treatment designed around their needs our drug rehabilitation programs offered at Axis are effective and compassionate from beginning to end. There is much included within your treatments including:

• Behavioral therapy

• Counseling

• Psychotherapy

• Group interaction

• Family union activities

To assist with symptoms from withdrawals and cravings we offer medication to assist through these stages to assist in blocking the effects that the detoxification from drugs will have.

Our Axis Residential Treatment team believes that we can achieve real recovery results that will allow you to be free of your chemical dependencies, educate you how you can rebuild your life, restore those lost family connections, and one of the best things attain a long term sobriety.

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